Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Its The Bear Luck :)

 I can explain my absence :). this four fold card takes loads of time putting it together. I feel like, I am engineering a project putting everything in the right place :). Well this one has a pretty simple top with just a few hand drawn and cut flowers. pink ribbon a Teddy Bear sticker to go with it.

Made this for my friend's business colleague :). This was a best of luck card for her Important business trip. 

These are  two Insides. One has a notepad page on it to write a personal note and some wishes. the base is covered with a decorative paper and the corners are finished of with Pink and Yellow ribbons. The cards are all handmade and decorated.The entire card holds about approximately 50 cards :) a lot .... rite ?? :).

The space between cards is filled with stickers, embossed pictures and some designs made with embossing paste and the covered with glitter :).



I dont know what is wrong with these images, I tried so hard to level them out but they stayed this way and finally I was very tired and hot sitting on the pc, because its summer time here and the weather is so hot :(.

These are individual images of each side of the four sides of the four fold.

An Image of the card spread out to give a complete view. I am sorry that the pictures didn't came out very good because I was in a hurry to hand over this card and my friend had to rush to the Airport to hand this over to his colleague. But if you make it, its a real treat to the eyes when you open it up :).


  1. Wow Alyna, what alot of work you have put into this card, its lovely and colourful.
    Kevin xx

  2. Your cards are adorable, bright and cheery!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Glad you are enjoying the freebies!