Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Huge Four Fold Birthday Wish

I am posting a very long time because I was not well and plus my computer was out of order. but I am posting the cards that I made mean while. I have used many layers to make it look nice and full. hope u guys like it too.

This not the first time I have made a four fold card but probably the first time that I am uploading it :). Made this for my friend's sister, for her birthday. and every time when I make this card I make a promise that I wont make it again because it too much of hard work, but then again when a friend requests  forget my promises :) and start again from the scratch.

This is the picture of the the two side when the card is opened. As you can see its already written, this was also the favor my friend asked me for, because he was really busy and didn't know what to write in so many mini cards, so I had to do this on his behalf :)

These are the four separate pictures of the four fold that opens underneath the two sides that you have already seen. I hope, I am making some sense. the pictures didnt came really good because the light was not good and I was in a hurry to hand over the card. I might whole picture of the card to give u an idea of how it really looks like.

The last image giving the whole picture of the card.