Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blog Award

Two to three days back I was kinda depressed that I am unable to make something really good, plus I am also unable to make the top four, leave alone winning a competition. This is when I saw some really sweet comments on my blog, and in it one belonged to this really really sweet lady Dawn, who gave me this blog award :). 

I have to thank the person who give me it which I have done   Thanks Dawn, it really made my day :)
Link back which I have done above
copy and paste the award which is done
have to pick 5 people to award it to,
Below are the five people I am awarding it to.

1) Carrie
2) Anne Temple
3) Chris
4) Angel
5) Linda


  1. THank you so much Alyna, this is a really lovely surprise and very much appreciated. I will display it with pride on my blog.

  2. Thanks Alyna what a lovely surprise, the weather here is so miserable so this has brightened my day.
    Chris x

  3. Awwwww thanks sweetie.....

    So lovely of you to think of me....
    Will be back later to collect it..
    Huggies Angel

  4. Thanks so much Alyna! I really apprecaite it and thanks for being a follower too.