Friday, September 2, 2011

A Basket Of Gifts

I am sharing with you a gift basket that i decorated a few days back for my Brother's Fiancee for the the occasion of  Eid, like you guys have Christmas we have Eid after our Holy Month of Ramadan in which we fast for 20 or 30 days according to the lunar calender

so when people are engaged gifts are exchanged between families on Eid, of both girl and boy. So this was one of the gifts that I decorated :).

I have wrapped the red ribbon around the handle of the basket. Then i hung strands of silver ribbon and glued tiny round mirrors to it to give it a jazzy look. I even tied tiny red bows and stuck them to the handle and also to the Henna cone to add some more color. Actually Rid here is all about colors and bling :).

Here is the look before i covered the basket with a shocking Pink colored net.

A Close up showing the bows on the Henna cone. Also covered the base of the basket with red wrapping sheet. My brother's fiancee and her family loved everything, hope you guys like it too.


  1. I am sure your brothers Fiancee, will love this Alyna, not only are the gift beautiful but so is the basket, I like the hanging ribbons and the bows.
    Kevin xx